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Leland Rod Co. Florida Keys Series

Everything you’ve been looking for in a saltwater fly rod and more!

White sandy beaches, crystal clear water, and a tailing Bonefish 40 feet from you.  Fly fishing in saltwater is nothing short of paradise.  The beauty of your surroundings, the abundance of fish species matched with a warm tropical breeze makes wading a flat one of the ultimate fishing experiences.

With having hosted several groups to multiple tropical destinations we know our way around  saltwater fly gear.  That’s why we came up with the Leland Florida Keys series.  Let’s face it, there is no shortage of manufacturers when it comes to fly rods.  There are some truly great ones out there and we’ve fished the majority of them ourselves.   One thing we did tend to notice was the multiple weights, lengths, and actions available from these companies.  Granted, choices are great,  but sometimes you just want a solid solution to simplify your fishing.

Our Florida Keys series of fly rods makes selecting your next rod easy.  Why the “Florida Keys” name you ask?  When it comes to a majority of your flats fishing the 3 species that come up most frequently are: Bonefish, Tarpon and Permit.  The Florida Keys offers some of the best opportunities for these species so we thought dedicating the name to it would be appropriate.









The Bonefish is the perfect choice in a 9 foot 8 weight for chasing Bones from the Keys to the Bahamas and beyond.  If Permit are your quarry then look not further than the 9 foot 10 weight Permit series.  This rod will allow you to deliver heavy crab flies with easy and accuracy.  Last, but not least the 9 foot 12 weight Tarpon rod will provide you with plenty of backbone while fighting what most consider to be the best gamefish out there.

All of our rods feature a beautiful matte blue finish, proprietary Leland grip, hardened chrome steel guides and a adaptive fast action.  Click on any of the models below to find out more.