Leland Rod Co. Emerger Outfit Review


Leland’s Emerger Fly Fishing Outfits are all about tradition. Like your first fly rod, it’s the chance to introduce a child to a lifelong relationship with the outdoors. It’s about giving them the gift of time spent in nature. And here at Leland, we think that’s about the best gift you can give a kid.

More than just a fly rod: When it comes to construction and attention to detail, there’s nothing childish about the Emerger Fly Fishing Outfit. Built with the same precision as its big brother, the  Leland Sonoma Traveler, the Emerger Outfit is meant to be fished hard. The adaptive-fast action makes it the ideal tool for new anglers who are honing their cast, but its versatility means the Emerger never outgrow its usefulness (no matter how big they get). From trout streams to farm ponds and everywhere in between, Leland’s Emerger Outfit is the perfect companion for days spent on the water.

Purpose-Built: From tip to butt, the Leland Emerger Outfit has been designed to meet the needs of young anglers. At 7 feet 9 inches in length, it has enough reach to accommodate long and accurate casts, yet it’s compact enough to provide excellent line control for new casters. The Emerger’s proprietary grip was designed to fit comfortably in smaller hands, keeping the focus on the fundamentals rather than too-large and cumbersome gear. A 4-weight, the Emerger is both the perfect weight for youngster and powerful enough to fight big trout and mid-size fish. And it’s four piece construction and travel case make it perfect for camping trips and easy carrying.

Available in Pink or Blue, Leland’s Emerger Outfit comes with everything you need to get fishing, minus a few of your favorite flies. Featuring a durable Red Truck ¾ weight fly reel and weight-forward floating fly line, it’s a carefully balanced outfit that’s anything but your typical big box “kit.” Everything comes assembled in the Cordura rod tube for easy transport and solid protection from the wear and tear of little ones.



Pro Review –

As a father of two young ladies, I’m officially stating for the record that fly fishing is the best outdoor activity for all ages, especially the young ones.

But before I delve into fly fishing, let me share something I recently discovered about my daughters when I asked them if they’d like to go on a hike. Their response was, “Why?” My initial reaction was to think my daughters were just being lazy. “Well, for exercise, fresh air and beautiful scenery,” I said.

It wasn’t until a bit later that the thought dawned on me. My children weren’t lazy at all, they just needed a reason to hike, something to do once we got there. The next time I proposed that we hike, I tested my new theory. I simply asked them, “Who wants to go fly a kite?” Voila! Both daughters jumped at the chance. They threw on their shoes and we hiked to the top of a nearby hill (the very same hill we hiked prior), this time with no questions…just smiles. We had a reason to hike. Call it what you will, a reason, an activity, an excuse. Children just want to know why they’re doing something, and flying a kite at the top of a hill was reason enough.

Enter fly fishing. To me, fly fishing is the best excuse to get out of the house, to go someplace beautiful with those you love and have something fun to do when you get there. If done correctly, it requires very limited equipment and brings human and nature together. Unlike adult minds that succumb to the self-imposed pressure of knowing everything about something before participating, children will jump right in and play. This youthful approach to life and learning dovetails perfectly with fly fishing.

Casting a fly rod isn’t hard when you’re a child. You just pull the fly line forward and stop the rod’s tip in the direction you want the line to go. The fly lands in the water and the fish take over from there. If they’re interested in something they put it in their mouth to inspect it. It doesn’t matter what the fish thinks, the fact is, your kid just caught it…and on a fly rod to boot.

Our Leland Rod Co. Emerger fly fishing outfit was designed specifically for your kids (and mine). It’s the right size and weight for their smaller hands and is perfect for catching the two fish available to just about everyone…panfish and trout. It’s balanced perfectly and makes for the easiest and most efficient fly casts. It comes completely rigged and ready to cast upon arrival. Just tie on a fly (any fly) and cast it on the water. The fish will respond and you just found a fun reason to spend quality time with your children.

Hidden behind the fun activity of fly fishing is the real secret to the sport. Whether you drive or walk to your water, you’ll have time to talk with your kids. You’ll notice nature’s best work in the form of plants and animals. You’ll share stories of your childhood and create meaningful memories that your children will cherish forever. These are the simple but important moments in life that will happen when you and your child fly fish.

Leland Rod Co. knows this and that’s exactly they designed the Sonoma Emerger fly fishing outfit.