Leland Reel Co. Classic Series Fly Reel Review


What’s in a name? When we started Leland Reel Company and began designing our fly reels, we had a focused concept: to make fly reels “classic” again. We wanted to bring back the great days of fly fishing, when life was more carefree, less technical and simply enjoyable. We wanted to offer a fly reel that looked like the ones we dreamed about owning when we were younger – reels that spoke, visually, to the heritage of our sport.

We wanted to create fly reels that were elemental in design yet relevant functionally, with contemporary materials and performance. For this we offer our Leland Reel Company Classic series.

Today, many reel manufacturers feel it irresponsible to neglect the fact that space-age materials and manufacturing technology are constantly improving. Many fly reels are on a never-ending path of perfecting performance and the result is an offering of fly reels which look nothing like the ones we grew up fishing. At Leland Reel Company, we’d rather create a timeless reel that looks as great as it functions, offering you all the performance you need, while still being something your grandfather would be proud to fish.

Beyond the classic, dark-matte anodized finish, the time-honored “wagon wheel” porting pattern, the brass appointments and the leather reel pouch, our Classic series of fly reels also offer the honest performance that is necessary when fly fishing. For drag we chose the proven click and pawl, as it offers simplicity, durability, and function. An angler can easily convert for left or right hand retrieve. The rim-mounted drag adjustment is easily accessed to dial in the necessary amount of drag pressure to protect your tippet. Our smartly-designed, exposed palming rim is ready for added pressure during a fight.

You may notice that our Leland Classic fly reel dimensions are less than traditional. This is not by chance. Our Classic reels all share a common modification in dimensions. We found that by designing our Classic reels with a larger spool diameter and a thinner spool width than traditionally-sized fly reels, two great features result: First, and most obviously, backing capacity is greatly increased. This removes the question of, “What’s the capacity?” Our answer, “Plenty.” The second result is that our Classic reels present large-arbor like performance: namely, faster line retrieve, reduced line coiling and a constant drag resistance over long fish runs. Leland Reel Co. Classic reels are the perfect marriage of contemporary performance and classic aesthetics.

We didn’t forget the little things either. We think the added touch of a brass line guard is not only good for protecting and extending the life of a quality fly line, but that it speaks to the little details that seem to have been forgotten. With a brass reel foot, brass counter balance weight and rosewood handle, you’ll proudly admire this functional piece of fly fishing art.

At Leland Reel Company, we have almost three decades of retail customer interaction. We’ve listened to our customers and we’ve learned a thing or two. We know that our customers are losing confidence in their fly tackle purchases. They’re uncertain if they really need all the perceived features of the latest and greatest fly reels, and they fear that their new fly reel will be replaced next season with something “better” that offers even more quantified performance.

At Leland Reel Company, we’re moving away from this, designing great fishing reels that work as intended and that will pass the test of time, not only on the stream but on the shelf, too.

So come join us at Leland Reel Company, as we celebrate the great sport that is fly fishing.

Leland Reel Co. Classic Series Models: Classic Spring Creek, Classic Trout, Classic Drift, Classic Swing.