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The Leland Fly Fishing Landing Net saves fish

Netting Fish

Of all the available fly fishing tools that will help you properly catch and release a trout, the landing net is the best solution to ensure your trout will live a long, happy life. It’s not only an iconic piece of fly fishing gear (something your grandfather actually used), it’s a practical angling product that will make your (and your trout’s) experience even better. Our Leland Landing Net is just what you need.

A fly fishing net is nothing new. They’ve been around for many years, but a few things have changed since your childhood. First and foremost, gone is the course nylon netting material of the past. Although functional for catching and killing a fish, that green nylon netting was like razor blades on the soft skin of your trout. Scraping scales, cutting under-skin and removing protective slime were the common results with rough nylon netting. Those problems are long gone. Today, our Leland Landing Net uses a UV-resistant, clear, soft-rubber material for our netting bag. This new material ensures your wild trout can rest at ease in the base of your landing net…in the cool, oxygenated water. Bonus, your fly hooks won’t get stuck in the netting either.

Size does matter. The right size landing net for the job is crucial. Too big and it’s an annoyance in the field, while fishing. Too small, and your well-earned fish won’t properly fit. Our hand-made, varnished-hard-wood Leland Landing Net is the “Goldilocks” of nets…just right. With it strapped to the back of your vest or pack, you can wind your way through tight brush without tiresome snags. With it, you can softly scoop up all reasonably-sized trout prior to a proper release.


But even the right landing net is no good to you if it floats down stream and around the bend. That’s why our landing net comes with an ingenious retention system. At Leland, we’re anglers, and we know what happens while fishing…slips, falls and drops. Our magnetic lanyard is easy to use and ensures you’ll never lose your landing net.

Just clip the aluminum carabiner to any D-loop on your vest or pack. Heck, you can even clip it to your wading belt or belt loop. Once attached, your net is at the ready and will never be lost. When you need it, just pull on the net’s handle and the magnetic release will break free. Our heavy-duty, elastic lanyard allows for long reaches without binding or extra cordage. When finished with your proper catch and release, just move the net’s handle near the carabiner and you’ll hear an audible “click.” That’s our magnet announcing a solid connection and you can then release your landing net.

The Leland Landing Net is a complete solution for any angler wanting to ensure a healthier trout release. Stop squeezing trout with your dry bare hands…your killing them. Stop scraping your fish with harsh nylon netting…your killing them. Stop beaching your trout on hard, hot rocks…your killing them.

Get a Leland Landing Net and protect your favorite trout fishery.

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