The Leland Fly Fishing Landing Net Saves Fish


Invest in a Leland Net and invest in your sport’s future.

You probably think a landing net exists to help you catch more trout while fly fishing. That might have been true for your granddaddy back in the day, but in today’s world, a dead trout is most likely the last thing you need sliding around the back of your car or truck on your drive home after a day well spent.

The right landing net actually ain’t for you at all…it’s for your best buddy, your ultimate fishing partner, the trout you just hooked. Your job (and actually your responsibility) is to get that trout back in the water as safely as possible, so it can continue to thrive and share its magic with another angler.

Don’t get us wrong, at Leland…we’re actually huge fans of eating a trout in the right situation. And…that situation is usually high in the mountains, where the trout far outnumber humans. If you have the desire and time, head to the high hills. Hook yourself a trout and properly dispatch it. Cook it correctly and enjoy the spoils. It’s good for the soul.

However, if you’re like most of us, you not only don’t need (and more importantly don’t want) a dead, slimy animal in the back of your car on your drive home from a beautiful location. So, let’s make sure we return all wild trout to the stream as responsibly as possible. And for most people, that means using the correct lading net to help your trout out.

Hot, dry hands, summer sun-warmed rocks and time out of the water are all bad news for your fishing partner…the trout. Keeping human contact and time out of the water to a bare minimum is the secret to properly releasing your trout back to its home water. And a proper landing net is exactly what you need to get the job done right.

If you don’t own a well-designed landing net, it’s time to get one.