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Hatch Outdoors

In 2003, John Torok was setting out on a fly fishing trip to the Eastern Sierras.  Purchasing the nicest reel he had ever owned he was ready, or so he thought. After just a few hours of fishing the reel failed him and parts were literally falling off.  He thought to himself on the drive home that he could do better.

At the recommendation of a friend, John reached out to Danny Ashcraft, a machinist in San Diego, California.  Ironically, Danny shared the same passion for the sport as John and in just a few days the two became business partners and Hatch Outdoors was created.

Over the next 20 months Danny and John tortured and tweaked all sorts of materials until they came up with the first working prototype. Drag, durability and design were the main criteria. The goal was to make heirloom quality reels that held up over time, looked great and stopped fish in their tracks.

Fast forward to 2017 and Hatch Outdoors has been a staple of LelandFly.com since 2005.  We have fished these reels hard all over the world and can truly say this is hands down one of our favorite reels.  From tackling migratory Tarpon out of Islamorada to British Columbia Steelhead to high country Golden Trout, this reel has been along for the ride and performed flawlessly.

The Finatic Series with it’s striking good looks, sealed drag system, and durable design will be one of the last reels you’ll ever need to buy.  Whether you are fishing for Giant Trevally in the Seychelles or just looking for the best trout reel out there, we invite you to check out what Hatch Outdoor has to offer.  Along with their reels,  Hatch makes some of the coolest and best streamside accessories.  So if you are in the market for some new gear, or just looking to give something special to that fly angler on your list you need to look no further than something from Hatch Outdoors.

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