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Gray Ghost – Book Review

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Gray Ghost by C.L. Swinney: Purchase here

C. L. Swinney, an avid fly fisherman and previous employee of Leland Fly Fishing Outfitters, is currently assigned to a Department of Justice Task Force that investigates a myriad of cases ranging from street level drug dealers and bank robbers to homicides and complex Mexican Cartel cases. When criminals run, Chris is called to find them. We are excited to stock his debut novel, Gray Ghost, featured in the best sellers list on Amazon.

* 234 pages
* Includes epic fly fishing scene for bonefish in the Bahamas
* Best-sellers list for paperback and kindle for crime fiction and mystery
* 55 5 star reviews

April 11, 2014 (Sonoma, CA): While on a fly fishing vacation to Andros Island in the Bahamas, narcotics detectives Dix and Peterson discover their fishing guides were killed when a sudden blast of gunfire fractured their speedboat, Gray Ghost. Local gossip has it that Gray Ghost went to the ocean floor with a hundred million dollars worth of cocaine in the hull.

Dix and Peterson, against their better judgment, are drawn into helping their island friends even though it could cost them their careers. Leads are chased down in the Bahamas and Miami. The two detectives indentify a diabolical plot of a sinister man known only as “The Caller.”

Pro Review – Leland’s Keith Westra

Most books related to fly fishing I’ve read have to do with that, fly fishing.

Gray Ghost by C.L. Swinney takes the reader on an amazing adventure filled with twists and turns that really draw you in and creates an intimate relationship with its characters. Now, if you are looking for a book that’s full of scene after scene of bonefishing and fly fishing in the Bahamas, your are not going to find it here. Unlike John Geirach’s books about fishing with A.K. and catching trout on bamboo fly rods and chasing bass with deer hair poppers in the local ponds, Gray Ghost is an amazing thriller with a few fishing scenes sprinkled within. What this book does offer is the chance to be involved in a great mystery surrounding the crystal clear waters and white sand beaches of Andros Island.

Most people know my passion for chasing fish on a fly takes place in tropical destinations. Having fished Andros Island myself, it made it a bit more exciting as well and made the pictures in my head much more vivid and real! Pick up a copy of Gray Ghost and you’ll have a great read on the way to your next fishing destination.