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Goran Andersson Signature Series II Fly Rods

GASS2-BannerToo often in today’s fly rod market does technology take precedent over performance. LOOP remains steadfast in their commitment to innovation with a purpose, and their Göran Andersson Signature II Fly Rods are constructed around a fundamental commitment to line control and an uninterrupted, efficient transfer of energy through the blank. The engine for this efficiency lies in the Andersson Series’ unique taper and action: to label it a moderate-fast action is too vague, and the term deep-flexing is often misunderstood. A more apt description is a responsive or enhanced-fast action, where the quick-firing accuracy of a fast action tip combines with a high modulus, graphite butt that flexes enough to load the rod in perfect balance. The result is butter smooth casting and absolute control over the trajectory of your line, allowing you to redirect and adjust your cast in the air. That means your cast isn’t over until your fly hits the water, extending your control over every square inch of the river.

• Blank in asethetic matte finish
• High grade cork handle in best available quality
• Ceramic stripping guides and durable chrome snake-guides
• Triangular aluminum locking reel seat keeps fly reel in place
• Action: Medium-Fast
• Alignment dots make assembling rod easy
• Matching aluminum tube and cloth case

The LOOP Göran Andersson Signature II Series are available in single and double-hand models, each satisfying a particular application and all possessing a proud place in Andersson’s quiver.  The Rods are fun, efficient, and different from anything we’ve fished.  Between the unique action, effortless casting, and timeless design, they’re great rods and another example of LOOP’s comprehensive approach to tackle.