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All Fisherman Are Liars – Book Review


‘All Fisherman Are Liars’ by John Gierach: Purchase here

The ever-popular Gierach shares insights, musings, and countless stories from the profound to the funny to the downright absurd that he’s collected over a lifetime of fishing.

* Gierach’s first book in 3 years
* A book that is wry, contemplative, and lively as ever
* 256 pages
* Autographed edition

From the Pacific Northwest to the Upper Midwest to the Canadian Maritimes, “America’s best fishing writer” (Houston Chronicle) shows us why life’s most valuable lessons-and some of its best experiences-are found while fly-fishing.

For John Gierach, fishing is always the answer—even when it’s not clear what the question is. He’s fished for steelhead in the Pacific Northwest, bull trout in British Columbia, bonefish in Mexico, and pike in the Upper Midwest. He’s even tried winter fly-fishing and braved the remote Alaskan wilderness. Through it all, he has nurtured his enduring love for the sport.

Traveling around North America, Gierach seeks out great fishing experiences with one goal in mind: to have a good time and maybe catch some fish. He talks about fashion in flies and fly-tying, about the mysteries of why certain flies work, and about the etiquette of fishing a popular spot. He reflects on how it feels to approach a new stream, acting nonchalant while experiencing intense excitement and anticipation. He also muses about fishing rods: “Although I own enough rods to build a picket fence around my property, I can sometimes be convinced that I need just one more.” And though Gierach loses some fish along the way, he never loses his passion and sense of humor.

Pro Review – Leland’s Keith Westra

The first John Gierach book I read was ‘Trout Bum’. Gierach has an amazing way of transforming the reader into his world. A world full of smoky campfires, gentle flowing creeks, and trout on a bamboo fly rod. Reading his adventures makes you want to simply stop what you are doing, pick up your rod and reel, and catch something. He does not put his nose up at some of the “not so talked about fish.” Rather he embraces them and they add to his many adventures. Whether fishing for panfish on small deer hair poppers or catching rainbows on detailed oriented dry flies, he is a man of many fish (and fishing stories).

‘Where the Trout Are All as Long as Your Leg’, ‘Even Brook Trout Get the Blues’, ‘Sex, Death, an Fly-Fishing’, and of course ‘Trout Bum’ have all made there way into my fly fishing library. In my opinion, John Gierach is one of the best Fly-Fishing Writers out there. When you read one of his books you just realize that he get’s it and what it means to be a fly fisherman.

‘All Fisherman are Liars’ is a continuation of John’s stories and his fishing trips. Venturing out across North America from the Pacific Northwest to the Canadian Maritimes he brings his experiences to life and paints the picture every fisherman dreams of.