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Fiberglass Fly Rod Review


Red Truck Fiberglass Fly Rod Review – By: Keith Westra

The Red Truck Fiberglass Outfit embodies fly fishing in its purest form. A throwback to vintage glass rods, this setup brings a modern, efficient feel to a classic era of rod making. It’s smooth, buttery action and perfect balance make it an absolute pleasure to fish and an outfit worthy of any trout fisher’s collection.

Simply put, the Red Truck Glass Outfit is all about a simpler style of fly fishing. Just bring a small fly box, a few leaders, a spool of tippet and the Red Truck Glass outfit. It’s like trout rehab in an age where the essence of the sport is overshadowed by “cutting-edge” materials and technologies.



First Impression:The team at Red Truck was able to take the best attributes of fiberglass and provide a much-needed upgrade. The Red Truck Fiberglass Fly Rod is light and smooth with just enough power; a welcome change from the heavy and noodly rods of yesteryear. Plus, the outfit is incredibly easy to cast and the balanced line makes it extremely efficient.

Action: The Red Truck Fly Rod’s Action is best described as stable yet buttery. It’s soft tip makes for effortlessly subtle presentations, while a powerful lower section allows for easy casting when the wind picks up or you’re using larger flies. The precisely balanced fly line stabilizes the rod and gets the most out of the rod’s action.


Fit and Finish: The craftsmanship of Red Truck’s Glass Outfit is apparent from the moment you pull it out of the tube. Beautiful maroon thread wraps adorn each hard chrome guide; the top grade cork is shaped into the most ergonomic grip I’ve ever fished; the rod blank has a nice, translucent honey color that is quintessentially fiberglass. The rod also comes in a retro aluminum tube with our patented Brews-Key, a rod cap with a built in bottle opener.

Bottom Line: If you want an outfit that will inspire you to find new and exciting creeks, the Red Truck Fiberglass Outfit is your answer. This 7-foot 6-inch 3-piece rod lends itself perfectly to the best trout destinations and a proud heritage of craftsman fly rods. It’s sure to be the sweetheart of your lineup and open up many miles of new water for those days off.

I love fishing this outfit on small freestone rivers and spring creeks. Where will your Red Truck take you?


Jim Arce (Customer and Friend):

My son Paul just picked this as the first fly rod he ever selected all by himself . He is almost 10 and I got him a starter rod a couple of years ago. He saw this rod at the Fly Fishing Show and loved the design and color. He tried it out and cast it very well on his own. I cast it and loved it. It has a crisp medium action that reminds me of some of my bamboo rods–medium full flex and with an active tip. A very responsive rod for a new fly fisher. It was not a tough sell when he asked me if we could get it. We got the kit and love the reel, too. I can already see it will be hard to use it myselft because he likes it so much. A very classic outfit. We love it and can’t wait to get it on the stream!

Bill Lowe (Fly Fishing Guide):

Having fished a few glass rods back in the day I was skeptical at first but this rod is a perfect mix between classic action and power for those windy days. I would have no problem taking this as my only rod on a weekend trip in the mountains, it’s that versatile! Also would make a great dry fly rod if your other rod is rigged for nymphing for the day.

RetroGLass (Fiberglass Aficionado):

I am a fiberglass nerd. I have 50 or so different fiberglass rods that range in price from 50-700 dollars. This rod is now one of the best rods in my collection. It lacks the charm of my older used outfits but as far a new rods on the market this outfit wins. I decided to get the balanced to cast the rod as the designer intended. This has proven to be a wise decision.

R Stevens (Customer and Friend):

After making two casts I realized I had found the perfect rod for my favorite fishing. Dry flies on remote waters in the Sierra Nevada. The rod action makes it a treat to cast and with the classic reel this is a perfectly balanced outfit. This is definitely my go to rod from now on

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