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Discover Leland’s Fiberglass Trout Outfit


Something very special for the fly fisher who has it all…

About Fiberglass: It’s true, fiberglass is just a material, and long ago it was used to make all kinds of fishing rods. From spinning rods for bass, to big sticks for larger saltwater species, it was the go-to material. It was also used for fly rods…all kinds of fly rods. From tiny trout rods, to heavy duty fly rods. But like any material, it has perimeters. Meaning, there was and still is a “sweet spot” when it comes to the use of fiberglass in fly rod manufacturing. Build a fiberglass fly rod too long and it will become tip-heavy and out of balance. Build it too light and it will become unstable.

The Rod: The secret to using fiberglass when building a fly rod is to embrace material limitations and design the rod model that not only leverages the “sweet spot” of fiberglass, but embodies the experience of fly fishing with a great fiberglass fly rod. To us, the answer is a fiberglass fly rod with a length of 7.5 feet with a #4 line rating. This magical length balances well in hand, yet still provides a responsible rod length for casting and fishing in smaller creeks. The #4 line rating is just right for landing smaller dry flies on long leaders with a subtle presentation, yet it still has enough line weight to efficiently carry a grasshopper pattern in a late summer’s wind.

Convenience: Fiberglass never was and still isn’t a “performance” material, so we didn’t try to make our fiberglass fly rod for high-performance casting. We wanted a rod that delivered buttery-smooth and accurate casts at about forty feet. This departure from performance also meant we could craft our Leland Glass fly rod into a six-piece model, allowing for superior storage and convenient travel. You can truly fit this fly rod into your back pack and disappear into the hills.

The Cast: When casting our Leland fiberglass fly rod, you’ll notice the soulful feel to its flex. Its relaxed tempo will remind you that fly fishing should not be a hurried activity. You’ll also notice our attention to detail. From its classic color and celebratory thread wraps, to our uniquely-shaped, high-grade cork grip and beautiful reel seat. No corners were cut on this model. Even the rod tube is worthy of conversation.

The Line: But even the best fiberglass fly rod is useless without exactly the right fly line. Good news…we took care of that too. Unlike today’s fly lines that tout the latest in performance with low-stretch cores and hardened coatings, we designed a fly line that compliments the unique action that only a fiberglass fly rod can provide. Our Leland Fly Line has a softer finish, which not only provides smoother loops of fly line when cast on this fly rod, it also excels on the water as micro-currents have less effect on it. Also, our fly line’s olive colored head not only hides your cast from the fish, it compliments the color of our fiberglass fly rod.

The Reel: Of course, you’ll need a place to store your Leland Fly Line and our Sierra Nevada Golden Trout fly reel is just want you need. It’s exactly the right size to hold your fly line and ample backing, should your trout head down stream in a strong current, but more importantly it’s the right weight to aid in balancing out our Leland fiberglass fly rod. Better yet, we took the liberty of finishing this reel like the great fly reels of the past. Our patina finish and solid brass accents give a thoughtful nod to history’s timeless fly reels.

The Truth: It’s not the parts and pieces alone that make our Leland Fiberglass Trout Outfit worthy and unique. Like most things done right, it’s only when all components are assembled together does the old saying, “The whole is greater than its sum of parts.” actually make sense. We promise you that our hard work will make for an easy, enjoyable and memorable experience the next time you stand next to a beautiful trout stream.

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Pro Review – Leland’s Keith Westra

Having worked in the fly fishing industry for so many years, there’s no wonder I have a good selection of fly rods in my closet. The majority of them are graphite and for good reason. I use my different graphite rod models for specific purposes throughout the season. However, I do have a few smaller trout streams I often visit. These intimate waters request a unique fly fishing outfit, like the Leland Fiberglass.

On these smaller creeks, long casts are not part of the game. Instead, accurate casts with a subtle presentation are key. The Leland Fiberglass Outfit not only offers me this with ease, it adds even more of an experience with it’s slower casting tempo, balance and classic cosmetics. With it, I honestly feel like I’m in a time machine fly fishing more like my grandfather probably did.

For sure, this outfit isn’t for everyone and it’s not an all-around trout outfit. That being said, when fishing smaller trout streams (especially with dry flies) nothing I’ve fished comes close to the cast, catch or feel of this kit. It’s really that special!