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The best trout reel for your favorite fly rod.

When it comes to a good fly reel the choices seem endless.

With technology leading the way in sealed drags, ultra light materials, and state of the art performance how do you choose? The reviews and advertising seem endless and often you’re left more confused then when your search for a new fly reel began.  That’s were Red Truck comes in! Whether you fish for trout or chase steelhead, stick to what works and what anglers of the past have relied on for generations.  Our focus is to celebrate what these anglers knew best, time spent fishing with family, a good buddy, or even a four legged companion on your local waters with well made gear that can be past down to the next generation.

The Red Truck Diesel Fly Reel series was created for this sole purpose.  By bringing back and celebrating  the fly reels of yesteryear with their loud clicks, simple designs and overall durability your reel search has come to an end.  Each Diesel Reel is machined out of the finest aluminum and features an exposed rim for applying pressure with you palm if needed.  The simple click and pawl design allows you to dial in enough tension to prevent the reel from backlashing and provides the proper amount of pressure to fight your next fish.

If your looking for the right reel for your 5 weight rod than look no further than the Diesel 5/6.  This is our “go to” reel and has been for quite some time.  Match it  up with the Red Truck Diesel 590-4 “All Purpose Trout” Rod and you’ll be set this season and for the seasons to come.

Wherever your fishing takes you, Red Truck provides quality gear for your adventures.  We invite you to click on the links below and to learn more about these great reels and how to get one for yourself.