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Ballistic Fly Lines

With a wide variety of fly lines on the market how does one choose?  Factor in the multitude of double hand lines and one’s head really starts to hurt.
We’d like to introduce you to Balllistic Fly Lines.  Ballistic Fly Lines are designed to provide the ultimate flight and power transfer characteristics for the beginner and the professional caster alike.

Ballistic’s mission statement is quite simple: Design lines that make you smile!

At Leland, we have to say that we couldn’t agree more. Fly fishing should be fun…period! It’s a way to get away from it all, and when trying to cast the wrong fly line, things can not get more frustrating.

Ballistic’s single hand casting line, The Pro Performance Series, consists of a proper proportioned head (front, belly, and rear taper).  This 58 foot head provides for power roll-out, great accuracy, excellent mend-ability, and outstanding long distance characteristics.  All of these features were blended together to establish the optimal flight characteristics which is a trademark of all Ballistic Fly Lines.

What truly sets Ballistic apart is their passion for spey casting.  If you spey cast most likely you’ve heard of Spey-O-Rama.  This competition, set once a year in San Francisco, California, brings out the best casters from around the world.  The “Vector Magnum” is the competition series designed for smooth, powerful, and consistent layout performance for extremely long casts and is a favorite of many competitors.

If you are focused on becoming a better caster then use a line that many of the CI (Casting Instructors) and MCI (Master Casting Instructors) instructors use when taking their exams to becoming certified bye the Federation of Fly Fishers.

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