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Airflo Fly Line Review

August 30, 2011 (San Francisco, CA): The full line-up of Airflo’s high-performance fly lines is now available for purchase at Leland Fly Fishing Outfitters.

Advanced Technology from Across the Atlantic: Airflo Fly Lines present a fantastic addition to our selection of premium fly lines for three primary reasons: (1) their low-stretch cores, (2) their polyurethane construction, and (3) the Ridge technology featured in their premier models.

Power Core: Airflo lines feature Airflo’s proprietary Power Core,a low-stretch multifilament. The Power Core gives two critical attributes: (a) appropriate suppleness over a wide temperature range and (b) incredibly low stretch, less than 6%.

Low Stretch: This is one of the reasons why Airflo fly lines are such excellent fishing tools. Any trout angler that favors streamers understands that feeling strikes is critical, and any tarpon fisherman knows that setting a hook into cinder block is best accomplished with a low stretch line. These folks would do well to consider the Ridge Impact Taper and the Ridge Tarpon Line. For you steelheaders, when your fly is swinging into the bucket of a steelhead run, the Skagit Compact and Ridge Running Line help you feel what’s happening at the other end, and facilitate powerful hooksets should something chrome climb aboard. But there is another, subtler benefit to Airflo’s low-stretch fly lines…

Greater Accuracy: …And it has to do with casting. If this sounds strange, imagine trying to cast a super long rubber band. At the end of each false cast, the rubber band rebounds unpredictably, making proper timing tough and magnifying the minute tracking errors that we all have in our casting strokes. Airflo’s low stretch lines are more stable in the air, enabling you to measure your false casts better, and place your fly where you want it, whether that’s on the nose of a tailing permit,
or underneath an overhang, back in the tules, in the heart of bass country.

The World’s Only Polyurethane Fly Lines: PU fly line construction, a technology Airflo patented over twenty years ago, provides Airflo’s loyal customer base with incredible durability and longevity in their lines.

Crack-Free Performance: Unlike PVC, the material from which most fly lines are made, PU is a thermoplastic. This means that unlike PVC,PU does not require plasticizers to maintain the right balance of rigidity and suppleness. Plasticizers are what leach out of PVC lines over time, creating the cracks that begin to doom your favorite fly line. Polyurethane fly lines, on the other hand, maintain the right ‘body’ from the moment they cure at Airflo’s factory in Wales.

Deet-Proof Fly Lines: If you’ve ever noticed your fly line took some hits on a trip to a particularly buggy fishing locale,we know you’re reading carefully: Unlike PVC, which can be eaten up rapidly by Deet, Airflo’s polyurethane is completely unaffected by it. Some of the places with the best fishing are also freaking buggy, so don’t hesitate to protect yourself when fishing with Airflo.

UV Resistance: Polyurethane is the material a lot of boat decks and dashboards are made out of, and for good reason. It performs well in tough, high-UV environments. This means an Airflo fly line is a good use of your fly fishing dollar, and will be sure to repay the investment over many happy days in the water for seasons to come.

Ridge Technology: Airflo’s premier lines, like the Ridge Bonefish Line,feature Ridge Technology. This is a surface texturing that produces fly lines that have a cross section that looks like a mechanical gear. Why do you want this gear-shaped cross section rather than an ordinary circle? Because only the outermost teeth of the gear contact your fly rod’s guides, creating less friction, and allowing the line to slide more easily in or out of the rod. The difference with a Ridge line like the Ridge Tactical Fly Line is immediately obvious. Casting longer distances takes less effort and is more fun.

For us at Leland, casting is the defining attribute of fly fishing, and every cast should be enjoyed. In talking with many of our customers,we’ve begun to wonder if fly lines aren’t the most underappreciated piece of gear. A top-shelf fly line, like one from Airflo, is going to enhance your fishing experience in almost every way.

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