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Abel Super Series Fly Reels


In a day and age where technology changes quickly we often loose sight of what works, or has worked from the past. 

The same holds true for fly reels.  Yes, there has been significant change from the older Hardy and Pfleuger Reels of yesteryear, but there is a reason we still see them on the water today, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” as the saying goes.   Sure, larger arbor, well machined, and sealed drag fly reels are nice, don’t get us wrong there as we love and  obsess over them.  There is just something about having  a classic reel that has withstood the test of time.  Most fly anglers well tell you fly reels are just line holders and they don’t really come into play.  It’s a true statement for the most part, until you hook into that fish of a lifetime or spend a good majority of your life savings traveling to the Seychelles.  Abel reels have a smooth reliable cork drag that will put the brakes to most anything that swims.  Trust us, when you need it you’ll be glad you have it.


Abel reels have been a staple at Leland since 1988.  We wanted to take a  moment and re-introduce the Abel Super Series to you.   These reels have changed very little since their debut which should tell you something right there.  Available from the Super 3N for light trout to the Super 12W for Tuna and Billfish, there is an Abel reel that is right for you.  Nothing but the highest quaity goes into this “Made in the USA” reel and you can be sure this will be one you’ll be passing down from one generation to the next.  Say hello to an old friend, say hello to the Super Series.

Key Features:

  • *Reel frame, spool, drag knob and foot

    Made of 6061-T651 cold finished Aerospace grade aluminum

  • *Teflon sealed bearings
  • *Cork Drag System is made entirely in our factory

    We use a superior high grade Portuguese cork with a little neat’s-foot oil on it.

  • *Double Pawl System

    Super Series reel sizes 6 and larger are built sound with our recently upgraded double pawl system.

  • *Made in the USA