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A nod to the great anadromous fishing traditions, this fly reel makes use of time-honored click-pawl technology and classic wagon wheel porting.

Leland's British Columbia Swing Spey reel is your new favorite two-handed reel.

Just about every fly reel company is trying to pitch their latest technology and performance these days. This might actually make sense when fly fishing saltwater. Maybe a fully-sealed drag system and a large arbor fly reel will make a difference when your bonefish or permit heads back to sea. But when it comes to swinging flies for steelhead or salmon, do you really need such a performance fly reel? If you worked at Leland, you'd say "NO."

Freshwater is far less aggressive on your fly reel's materials. And, even though a big steelhead or salmon will put up a quality fight, unfortunately it won't be the same as a big saltwater fish. For these reasons, you can happily use a more classic fly reel in your journey. Take for example our Leland Classic Swing fly reel. It's exactly what you'll need if you're on the hunt for a two-handed or Spey fly reel. Of course, it's fully machined and anodized for a lifetime of hard use on the your rivers, but it's also what you want for other reasons.

No fly reel drag system has caught more fish over the years than an classic "clicl-pawl" drag system. It's not only proven and can be adjusted for just the right amount of drag resistance, but the sound of a click and pawl singing while your big fish heads down stream is like music to any angler's ears. It brings happiness to the one holding the rod and hope to others within ear-shot. A disc-drag reel lacks this, and although it might sound like a small issue, it actually makes a big difference in the overall experience.

Our Leland Classic Swing reel not only has a unique porting, giving a nod to quality fly reels of the past, it also has all the right appointments, like a solid-brass reel foot and counter-balance weight. It's got plenty of line capacity for the necessary backing and the larger fly lines we cast today. No way a big fish will take you down to the arbor. It also comes with a padded leather reel pouch including a solid brass zipper. This is one top-shelf fly reel for your favorite two-handed fly rod.


Click here for video on switching the reel retrieve from left hand reel retrieve to right hand reel retrieve >>

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