The Classic Trout Fly Fishing Reel

We believe what you believe…that a trout fly fishing reel doesn’t have to be fancy, technical or high-performance to be worthy of ownership.

You see, Grandpa Leland was very sensible and so was his trout fly fishing reel…

Grandpa Leland was a very pragmatic man. He didn’t get sidetracked by the fancy stuff in life. He made thoughtful purchases and this was of course true when it came to his fly fishing equipment. Granted, there wasn’t the plethora of technical and performance-oriented fly fishing brands, series and models available today, but still…there were at least a few choices, and Grandpa Leland didn’t like choices…he liked solutions.

If you ever saw the movie, “A River Runs Through It” you saw the essence of fly fishing for trout. A beautiful location, a reason to be there and not a lot of fly fishing gear pretty much sums up the wonder of fly fishing for trout. That’s just how Grandpa Leland used to fish…nice and simple. He knew fly fishing for trout was an intimate activity. Get close to your fish, make a worthwhile cast, land your fly accurately, drift your offering naturally, hope for the grab, set the hook, play the fish and relish the reward…that is fly fishing at its best!

When it came to his fly reel, Mr. Leland didn’t mess around. He knew he needed a well-built reel with enough space to store his fly line and just enough backing should his big fish head down stream. He knew he needed a fly reel that paid out the line without over-running. He saw his fly reel as a near-timeless investment that he could use in the field for many seasons and pass down to the next generation. By today’s standard, his reel was quite simple. No large-arbor spool, no fancy, sealed disc-drag system. His reel didn’t have any of that and he was quite sure he didn’t need it.

Just like his belt, wrist watch and pocket knife, Mr. Leland’s trout fly reel had to be functional and uncomplicated. It need to perform on the water and take the occasional hard knocks stream-side. A bit of oil or grease added here and there once in a while was to be expected, but nothing more was required. Just like a good dog or plow horse, he expected his trout fly reel to work when asked…and his fly reel did just that.

Beyond function, Mr. Leland’s fly reel was a cherished item. It was beautiful when mounted on his favorite trout fly rod. Its weight was just right to balance his fine fly rod. It’s finish, even with a well-earned scratch or two, only grew in beauty over the years on the water. The original shiny luster dulled to a fine patina over time, but that was to be expected. It was proof of a happy, well-used trout fly reel.

And the sound…oh the sound. When requesting more fly line for a longer cast from his fly reel, or when a worthy trout headed down stream, Grandpa Leland’s fly reel acoustically announced to the world that he had connected to a fine fish. It’s these simple attributes, from a rather simple fly reel, that made Mr. Leland’s life better on the water, and strangely enough, even today, make life a little better for the rest of us.

If you’ve been searching for a worthy trout fly fishing reel, you might wish to consider the contemporary version of Grandpa Leland’s trout fly reel.

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