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Choosing a Spey Reel


Whether you call it Spey Casting or Two-handed casting, one thing is for sure…you’ll be using a longer fly rod and a heavier fly line during the process. As such, you’ll need a larger fly reel for two primary reasons: Firstly, you’ll need a heavier fly reel to attempt to counterbalance your longer fly rod. Without the extra weight, your longer fly rod will feel “tip-heavy” during every cast and that will rob you of casting enjoyment and efficiency. Secondly, you’ll need a larger fly reel to allow for proper storage of the thicker fly lines we use when casting a two-handed fly rod.

It’s true that a contemporary, high-performance, saltwater fly reel can work on a Spey rod, but it’s a bit like putting chrome racing wheels on a Rolls Royce…something is not quite right and you’re going to get a lot of strange looks at the country club. What is needed to correctly complete the project is a fly reel that is not only the correct weight and size, but one that also has the right aesthetics.

That’s exactly why we designed our beloved British Columbia Steelhead reel. It’s an honest nod to the fine salmon reels of the past, but with a contemporary twist. Using the best materials, manufacturing processes and finishes, we’ve created a fly reel that looks properly at home on your finest Spey rod, yet has (hidden under the hood) the goods to beat back even the best traditional Spey reels of the past.

Be it the fully-machined spool and frame, the Teflon anodized finish, the solid-brass fittings or the unique, double faux agate handles…one thing is for sure, this Spey reel walks the walk. It also has a proven and classic click and pawl drag system, which is fully-adjustable via the frame-mounted drag knob. However, the real secret to this worthy reel is the iconic sound made when your large, chrome fish heads downstream. It’s music to any angler’s ear.

We even opted for a real leather case, appointed with a solid-brass zipper…just ’cause. We believe there’s more to just catching a fish with a fly… to us, it’s the whole process from proper rod, to reel to line. It all counts in our opinion and maybe yours too. If you own a Spey rod in line weights from 6-8 and lengths between 12-13.5 feet, this is absolutely the correct fly reel for your favorite rod.

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