Why Shop with Leland?

Why Shop with Leland?

Josh and Laurel Frazier spent three years remaking their property along Arnold Drive, carving in ponds and adding low-impact buildings for online retail operations and to serve as a base of operations for off-site fly-fishing instruction in Sonoma County. The mission of Leland Ranch is to promote a sport and with it an ethic of environmental stewardship long synonymous with fly-fishing in American and the world around.

• Send a letter of support to the Board of Zoning Adjustments commission members. See Form Below.

Learn why customers love Leland’s thoughtful approach to fly fishing by reading some honest customer testimonials. ... Read More.

THE TOP FLY SHOP IN THE COUNTRY We at Leland Fly Fishing Outfitters are extremely honored to have received the American Angler Fly Fishing Retailer of the Year Award ... Read More.

At Leland, we understand and celebrate fly-fishing as a gateway to other truths, about nature, humankind’s connection to it and our intended role as stewards, lest what has been created be lost for evermore.  Rivers need friends, we say, and fly-f... Read More.

Fly-fishing is a gateway to environmentalism. It teaches values of conservation and ecology. Rivers need friends, and fly-fishing creates these friends. With each new person hooked on fly-fishing, another environmentalist is born ... Read More.

Send a letter of support for Leland Ranch to the Board of Zoning Adjustments

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