Leland Sonoma Logo Hat, Val’s Red

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Add a little color to your favorite fly fishing photo…

“If you can’t make it right…make it red.” That’s world-famous fly fishing photographer, Val Atkinson’s proven photography tip. If you really want to make that shot “pop” add a splash of red. Remember, nature is beautiful and full of color, but often times all of the colors blend so seamlessly it’s easy to lose your subject. But by adding a bit of red, you can’t miss the person in the shot.

Not just any red color will get the job done. It has to be the right shade of red and we’ve got it in our Leland Logo Hat. Working with Val, we tested many versions and opted for the color that looks best in fly fishing photographs. Now you can own the same fly fishing hat that has appeared in many fly fishing magazine photos.

As far as the hat itself goes…it’s your standard edition, twill cotton ball cap. It’s fully-adjustable on the back side and pretty much fits every head on the planet. So get yourself a Leland Logo Hat and start making fly fishing photographs like a pro.

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