Leland Signature Logo Hats, Navy

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Product Description

Leland Signature Logo hats:

These are our pride and joy. Leland Signature Logo hats are perfect for all occasions be it, fishing, softball games in park, or heck, just hanging at the beach or the river. We don’t put our name on much but this is one hat we trust! Now you can show your pride in your local (or not so local) fly shop.

As far as the hat itself goes…it’s your standard edition, twill cotton ball cap. It’s fully-adjustable on the back side and pretty much fits every head on the planet.

  • Comfortable twill cotton hat makes for a great hat on or off the water.
  • Adjustable brass buckle allows for custom sizing.
  • Leland Fly Fishing logo shows your pride in our commitment to the sport.
  • Lighter color keeps your head cooler on hot days.
  • One of our best selling hats at our Sonoma, CA Ranch.

  • Cool wear 60/40 Imperial brand ball caps
  • Cool looking Leland Logo
  • Colors: Natural, Navy Blue, Orange (you can request a color but we can’t guarantee it)

Additional Information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 10 cm



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