GASS 2 6122 - 1

Goran Andersson Signature Series II, 6wt 12ft 2inch, 6122-4 Fly Rod

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Product Description

One of the most loved double hand rods to ever be designed has is even better.   The 6wt 12ft 2 inch GASS 2 series fly rod truly has power and finesse rolled into one rod.

The updated Göran Andersson rod series features a deeper action that works through the entire grip when fully loaded. A short recovery allows for a quick and early stop. These rods give the technically competent caster the ability to push the envelope and achieve more than any other rods available.


•    Blank in aesthetic matte finish

•    High grade cork handle in best available quality

•    Triangular reel-seat keeps fly reel steady in place. Form follows function

•    Ceramic stripping guides and chrome snake guides with double coating

•    Rod model inscription and dot mark on ferrules for correct fit on rod sections

•    Delivered in matching aluminum tube and cloth bag


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