How to Fly Cast: Goals 1-5 Fly Casting Master Course

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How to Fly Cast: Goals 1-5 – Fly Casting Master Course

Complete this flight of fly casting goals and you’ll be at the pinnacle of skilled casters…


• Understanding all principles
• Air and water cast mastery
• All angles, all distances


• Understanding balanced equipment
• Fly line tapers
• Efficient equipment solutions


• Mastering all fly casts
• Access to all waters
• Take private water with you, everywhere

For truly dedicated fly anglers, we offer our Master Cast fly casting package. The goal of this flight of fly casting courses is to give you complete mastery of fly line control. Upon completion, you’ll have the principle-based skill set to control your fly fishing destiny. Accuracy, controlled distance and subtle pretensions will be yours at will. Wind will become irrelevant and the world of fly fishing possibilities will finally be exposed.
Butter smooth, efficient loops of fly line will leap effortlessly from your fly rod’s tip, penetrate wind and present your fly exactly where you want it. Straight casts and curved casts will be yours for the picking and previously impossible casts to ungodly targets will become commonplace.

With these fly casting skills, you’ll unlock the secret…that you can take “private water” with you anywhere you fish. Fishing guides will smile upon your first cast and you’ll be escorted to more challenging waters, where the big fish live. You’ll never rush to the river again, as you’ll be fishing your own waters, with the fly casting skills that most anglers lack.

You’ll no longer just catch fish on fly fishing tackle. Instead, you’ll earn your fish by leveraging your casting principles to create a more than likely outcome…a fish you chose to catch. This subtle, but important difference will add immeasurable enjoyment to the sport you already love.

Fly fishing equipment will no longer just be a casual choice for you. It will become a confident solution to your fishing experience, as you’ll understand the principles and physics behind an efficient and balanced fly fishing outfit, suited to your fly fishing desires.

Most importantly, you’ll become a fly casting ambassador to this great sport. Your casting skills will be noticed by others. Questions will be asked. Should you choose, you’ll have the ability to change other fly anglers’ experiences.

Think about it, what other outdoor sport could you master in only ten hours of instruction and a bit of practice? If fly fishing is in your blood, we at Leland are here for you. If you give us your trust, focused attention and limited time, we promise you won’t be disappointed. Give us a toll-free call at 866-672-1959 and we’ll put a date on the calendar that will change your fly fishing life.


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