How to Fly Cast: Goal 5 – Efficient Spey Casting

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How to Fly Cast: Goal 5 – Efficient Two-Hand Fly Casting

Efficiently casting a two-handed fly rod at all angles literally opens up your world of fly fishing


• Two-handed water casting
• Two-handed air casting
• Changing casting angles


• Confirming your fly equipment is balanced
• Balancing your two-handed line system
• Demonstrating balanced, efficient Leland two-handed equipment


• Cast at all angles
• Access all waters
• Catch more fish

If you dream of chasing steelhead or salmon in broader rivers, nothing compares to the function and potential enjoyment of using a two-handed fly fishing outfit. These longer fly rods provide extra leverage and fly line “lift” allowing you to cast in extremely tight quarters and access fish that other single-hand fly casters only dream about.

With the right information and equipment, you’ll be able to comfortably and efficiently expand your fishing opportunities…and we’ve got it all waiting for you here at the Leland Ranch in Sonoma.

With thirty years of experience in fly casting instruction, we’ve distilled the basic principles that are necessary for you to truly understand how to efficiently and enjoyably cast a balanced two-handed fly fishing outfit.

With confidence and a new fly casting skill set, you’ll begin to unlock the fishing potential that awaits you. You’ll be able to cast in seemingly impossible conditions to waters that were previously unavailable to you…and catch fish that you only dreamed about.

We’ll also demystify the overwhelming choices available in two-handed fly line systems, giving you the understanding and confidence that you’ll have the correct fly line for angling success.

There’s also a hidden secret to two-handed fly casting. Once you understand the basic principles of two-handed line dynamics, you’ll apply them even when you’re casting your single-handed fly rod.

Let’s expand your fly fishing world. Let’s unlock untouched waters and give you access to even more trophy fish and memories. Let’s get you efficiently casting a two-handed fly rod. Let’s get you up to the Leland Ranch. Give us a toll-free call at 866-672-1959 and we’ll begin your two-handed journey.


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