How to Fly Cast: Goal 4 – Efficient Saltwater Fly Casting

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How to Fly Cast: Goal 4 – Saltwater Fly Casting

Casting quickly and accurately in the challenging winds of the saltwater flats is the key to success


• Quick Cast
• Fly Casting in the Wind
• Stripping fly line and the strip strike


• Confirming your fly equipment is balanced
• Floating and Sinking Fly Lines
• Demonstrating balanced, efficient Leland equipment


• Cast quickly and accurately
• Fly Cast in the Wins
• Catch fish others cannot

If fly fishing the saltwater flats is on your list, you should know this ain’t your granddaddy’s style of fly fishing. Sure, the overall game is the same… to subtly land your fly in front of a cruising bonefish, permit or tarpon…but that’s pretty much where the similarities end.

The saltwater environment is constantly in flux. Ever-changing tides, weather and seasons dictate your angling options…and the wind, it’s brutal. To arrive prepared for an exceptional experience, it’s imperative you up your fly casting game, and that’s where we at Leland come in.

Sure, we’ve got years of saltwater flats fishing experience, but more importantly we’ve got almost thirty years of fly casting instruction under our belts. This fly casting saddle time means we’ve worked hard on honing in on what’s important when it comes to efficiently fly casting in the wind, and we’ll share this knowledge with you, here at our ranch.

We’ll give you the necessary fly casting principles that convert to the most efficient loop shapes that easily penetrate the harshest of winds. While other anglers will stay in the lodge to sip fancy drinks adorned with umbrellas, you’ll be out in the gusty winds casting and catching with confidence.

We’ll also show you a trick or two that will further prepare you for fast, accurate casts and controlled follow-up casts. You’ll be ready to land your fly to that spooky bonefish, permit or tarpon at just about any angle and distance. Believe us, your guide will be impressed with your fly casting abilities and so will your angling buddies. Oh, and when your guide knows you can fly cast well, you’ll end up in even cooler angling locations, that other sports simply cannot fish.

Let’s get you ready for an amazing saltwater fly fishing experience. Let’s get you up to the Leland Ranch in Sonoma for some thoughtful fly casting principles that will change your saltwater angling experiences forever. Just give us a toll-free call at 866-672-1959 and start the journey.


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