Rio Spey Line Recommendation Chart

2008 Spey Line Recommendations

“Thanks to Simon Gawesworth and the folks at RIO for these spey line recommendations for Leland Spey Rods.”

RIO is pleased to be able to provide this line recommendation for a number of two handed rods out there. You will find that each rod has two recommendations per spey line – an “A” or a “B“.

Basically, the ‘A’ rating is for more advanced casters and wider rivers where the caster can carry the whole head length of the line outside the rod (55 feet in the case of most WindCutters). This would be where the color change is at the tip ring.

For less experienced casters, or in small rivers, the rod will not load as well by having only some of the head inside the rod guides and, therefore, require more weight. This is the ‘B’ rating.

The “Skagit Tips” column refers to either the Skagit Shooting Head or the Skagit body line. With these lines, the overall weight of the line will increase by the weight of the sink tip and cheater (if used) that is added. That weight increase has been allowed for in these recommendations.

With the popularity of two handed rods growing for overhead casting in the surf, on a lake and even in a river, a new column “OutBound Overhead” is listed and this applies to the correct weight of OutBound line required to load the rod for overhead casting only.

Finally, these recommendations are only guidelines as to the correct line weight to be used. RIO Products is not responsible for any rod breakages or if you find the line does not load as you would wish. How a rod loads is a personal feeling and these recommendations are just a step in the right direction.

The Skagit cheater length is based on using 15 ft sink tips. For shorter sink tips, use a longer cheater and for longer tips use a shorter one.