Best Selling Gear

Best Selling Gear

Here, you'll find detailed reviews on our best-selling, fly fishing items. We took the time to answer the most common questions related to our most popular fly fishing products. Whether in copy, video or still photos, we've gone the extra mile to explain why our unique fly fishing gear deserves to exist. So relax, grab a beer (or pop) and learn why our Leland and Red Truck fly fishing gear is a bit different, for all the right reasons.

The Pole Dancer Designed and created by Charlie Bisharat, the Pole Dancer is a unique fly that mimics the "walk the dog" action of conventional topwater lures like the famous Zara Spook.Being a West Coaster, Charlie has spent much of his time

If you've never casted or held a bamboo rod in your hand you're missing out.   Bamboo takes us back, back to a time when things were just a bit slower.  Where split cane fly rods were carefully and artfully handcrafted to deliver flies delicat

For over 30 years LOOP has been providing anglers with the best tackle out there.  The Cross S1 has been a best selling rod here at Leland and we have put it to the test! LOOP has now expanded the Cross S collection to include the followi

With a wide variety of fly lines on the market how does one choose?  Factor in the multitude of double hand lines and one's head really starts to hurt. We'd like to introduce you to Balllistic Fly Lines.  Ballistic Fly Lines are designed to pr

Introducing the newest edition to the LOOP line of double hand rods, the Opti NXT.Designed by world-renowned fly caster, Klaus Frimor, the Opti NXT series of rods is the newest edition to the LOOP Tackle line up of double-hand fly rods  T

Thomas & Thomas has a long history of making some of the finest trout rods available.  Now, experience their newest saltwater rod capable of taming the biggest and baddest fish out there.  Introducing the Exocett series.   Developed to

Having an action between MARABOU and BUCKTAIL Semperfli Predator Fibers are an alternative to Enrico Puglisi’s EP Fibers but much more cost effective. Predator Fibers are available in a great array of colors in 18 inch strands – they are perf

If you fly fish than odds are you have heard of Loon Outdoors and most likely have used their products.Loon has always put a huge emphasis on fishing with a (clear) conscious.  They achieve this by making their floatants, sinkets and clean

Abel's mission statement is simple:  To design and build the best, most dependable gear in the world and give world class customer service.Founded in 1980 as an aerospace machine shop, Abel quickly built their reputation on quality. Since 19

In 2003, John Torok was setting out on a fly fishing trip to the Eastern Sierras.  Purchasing the nicest reel he had ever owned he was ready, or so he thought. After just a few hours of fishing the reel failed him and parts were literally fallin

Where will your Red Truck take you? Since, its beginnings we have been honored and excited to carry rods and reels made by the Red Truck Fly Fishing Company. Red Truck puts a huge emphasis on exploring your local waters with your friends and fami

In 2010, Keith Westra began Nature Boy Designs (NBD).  His company gives him opportunities to blend his passion for fly fishing with his art background to create fun and innovative products for the everyday angler.NBD makes all their prod