Catch and Release…Pass the experience along.

Releasing your fish properly is a gift for another angler.

With a soft twist of your barbless hook and a slow dip of your net, your beautiful angling partner is released back to the wild. Vibrant colors fade into nature as your fish dissolves within a yard. Maybe you’ll catch this fish again on another glorious day. Maybe someone else will receive your gift…or maybe you just received this gift from a previous angler.

“The finest gift you can give any fisherman is to put a good fish back. And who knows if the fish that you caught isn’t someone else’s gift to you?” Lee Wulff

Of all the gifts one can give, a wild fish properly released is possibly the best. It’s a present with no name tag, no intended recipient. It might be enjoyed by a friend of yours, or someone you’ve never met. It might come full circle back to you…you never know. And like any good gift, it’s truly the thought that counts!

“Releasing a wild fish back into nature is an empowering experience. Catching that fish again is a humbling one.” Burke White